by Bani Khoshnoudi

Mexico, Greece, France


Ali is a young homosexual who escaped the repression in Iran. He is now in Mexico, where he tries to move forward with his life, although he is still tormented by what he has left behind. Slowly adapting to his exile, he makes friendships and explores his sexuality, while discovering the contradictions of Veracruz, a tropical port city in demise.


International Film Festival of Rotterdam 2019, Miami Film Festival 2019, Lleida Latin-American Film Festival 2019, Ariel Awards Mexico 2020


Language : Spanish
Length : 88′
Format : HD

Screenwriter : Bani Khoshnoudi
Production: Zensky Cine (Mexico)
Coproduction : Haos Film (Greece)
Production associate: KinoElektron


Arash Morandi, Edward Gurrola, Luis Alberti, Eduardo Mendizábal


Benjamín Echazarreta (director of photography), Gil González Perilla, Miguel Schverdfinger (editing), Javier Umpierrez (sound), Diego Miranda (steadicam), Liliana Cortés (art director), José Guadalupe López, Bertha Romero (costumes), Sohrab Karimi (music), Mayra Mendoza Villa (post-production coordinator)


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