Perpetual Night

by Pedro Peralta

Portugal, France


Castuera, Spain, April 1939. During the night two Falangist Guards appear at the door of the house where Paz is taking refuge with her family. They request her presence at the police station. Paz immediately understands the fatality of this visit. With no chance to escape, she asks to breastfeed her newborn daughter one last time.


International Film Festival Portugal (2020), San Sebastián International Film Festival (2020), Vilnius International Film Festival Lithuania (2020)

Language : Catalan
Length : 17’
Format : HD

Screenwriter : Pedro Peralta
Production : Terratreme Filmes (Portugal)
Coproduction : KinoElektron

Distribution : Portuguese Short Film Agency


Matilde Couso de Arccos, Paz Couso, Domicília Nunes, Sara Piris, Joaquín Calderon, Francisco Javier Sánchez Cabrilla , Laura Afonso


João Ribeiro (director of photography), Francisco Moreira (editing) Ricardo Leal (sound director), Hugo Leitão (sound editing and mix), Cypress Cook, Bruno Duarte (art directors), Cypress Cook, Celeste Alves (costumes)


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