Strange Birds

by Elise Girard



Mavie, a thirty years old girl, clumsy, beautiful and full of doubts, is looking erratically for her own way. She moves to Paris and meets Georges, an old, lonely and cynic bookseller, who doesn’t expect a thing from life. Their unexpected and unconventional love story will definitely shift Mavie’s path in life.


Berlin Film Festival 2017, New Horizons FF 2017 – Poland, Mill Valley FF – USA

Language : French
Length : 72’
Format : HD

Screenplay : Elise Girard in collaboration with Anne-Louise Trividic
Production : KinoElektron
Coproduction : Reborn Productions, Mikino, Rosebud Entertainment
Production associate : Angelo Laudisa

International Sales : MPM Films
French Distribution : Shellac


Lolita Chammah, Jean Sorel, Pascal Cervo, Virginie Ledoyen


Renato Berta (Director of photography), Thomas Glaser (Editor), Caroline Leroy (Production designer), Emmanuelle Villard, Olivier Dandré, Daniel Gries, Johan Nallet (Sound), Maria Blicharska (Line producer), Angelo Laudisa (Associate producer), Fabien Trampont (Postproduction supervisor), Bertrand Burgalat (Original music)


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