Two Sunny Days

by Ognjen Svilicic

Croatia, France


Peter and Martina are an American tourist couple on vacation on the Croatian coast. Both are successful and in their prime. However, the couple is going through a crisis, leaving them both frustrated and unsatisfied. This vacation is for them a chance to try to save their relationship.
As one day, an excursion in the mountain is organised, they get lost. Far from their usual comfort and confronted with the raw nature, they are left with no other option but to face one another.



Pula IFF 2010, Cottbus IFF 2010, Utrecht FF 2010, Sofia IFF 2011, Warszawa IFF 2011

Language : English, Croatian, French
Duration : 96′
Format : HD

Screenwriter : Ognjen Svilicic
Production : Maxima Film (Croatia)
Coproduction : KinoElektron

International sales : Insomnia


Maya Sansa, Bristol Pomeroy, Sylvia Kristel, Leon Lucev, Christian Morin, Vicko Bilandzic, Michael Abiteboul, Virgile Bramly, Alen Salinovic


Vedran Samanovic (director of photography), Vjeran Pavlinic (editing), Igor Miklosic-Figo, Frano Homen (sound), Blanka Budak (costume), Julijana Vrandecic (makeup), Mladen Ozbolt (art director) Ranko Ganic (production manager)


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