The Instrument Of The Woods

by Raphaël Nadjari



Ethel is a 40 years old guitar luthier in Montreal. When a friend of her father’s asks her to repair the guitar he built for him 25 years ago, she tries to reconnect with Lamarre, a wood gatherer, the only man able to find the precious wood this guitar is made of. As she discovers he has vanished, she meets David, his 47 years old son who dreams himself to become a luthier but who was left humiliated in the tree farm since his father’s death by debts and grief. Together they will heal the wounds of the past, carried by music and their search for the truth.

Language : French
Length : 90′
Format : HD

Screenwriters : Raphaël Nadjari, Jean-Pol Fargeal, Valérie Maureau
Production : KinoElektron


Louise Bourgoin



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