The Dam

by Ali Cherri

France, Sudan, Lebanon, Germany, Serbia, Qatar


Sudan, near the Merowe Dam. Maher works in a traditional brickyard fed by the waters of the Nile. Every evening, he secretly wanders off into the desert to build a mysterious construction made of mud. While the Sudanese people rise to claim their freedom, his creation slowly starts to take a life of its own…

In: Arabic
Length : 80′
Format : HD

Screenwriters : Ali Cherri, Geoffroy Grison, in collaboration with Bertrand Bonello

Production : KinoElektron

Coproduction : Galerie Imane Farès (France), Vega Foundation (France), DGL Travel HQ (Sudan), Twenty Twenty Vision Filmproduktion GmbH (Germany), Trilema (Serbia)
Associate producer: Rémi Bonhomme
International Sales: Indie Sales Company


Mahir Al Khair


Bassem Fayad (director of photography), Isabelle Manquillet and Nelly Quettier (editing), Thomas Van Pottelberge, Jakov Munizaba and Simon Apostolou (sound), ROB (music), Abbas Al Khalifa (art director), Mel Massadian (VFX), Toufic Khreich (1st assistant director)


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